Film scoring tools used to compose film music
Film composing scoring tools


Film Scoring Audio demo reel (3 min) – Action, Drama, Sad, Magic Fantasy, Comedy, Grandeur, Horror

Film Scoring Tools to Compose Film Music

My film music composing tools include Sibelius and MuseScore notation software, Reaper DAW sequencer, MIDI keyboards, and a KORG nanoKontrol Studio mixing board. Also many sampled instruments to compose, including EWQL Quantum Leap symphonic orchestra, Spitfire Audio’s Symphonic Orchestra, Hans Zimmer Strings, Spitfire’s Albion Collection orchestral libraries, Audiobro’s Symphony Series libraries, and Heavocity’s FORZO and NOVO libraries. –randall_oelerich

Film Scoring Demo Reel

NOTE: The following video/audio clips from films are used here for educational scholarly purposes learning film scoring, many as part of a composing for film class from Berklee College of Music. If any film studios that own rights to these films have an issue with this please contact me and I will gladly remove the clips from public viewing. I am using the short film clips for practice film scoring composition under the Fair Use Copyright act.


Here are a few audio examples of my composed film scoring music. –randall_oelerich:

Film Scoring Libraries Used for Composing Film Music

Film scoring orchestral library

Albion Film Scoring Library    Hans Zimmer Strings Library for Film Scoring

Monark Synthesizer for Film Scoring

String Ensemble for Composing Film Music    Woodwinds Library for Composing Film Music

Development: Alone

When nothing is as it should be,

who do you cry out to when you’re alone?    

((film concept poster mockup already created))

Production Title: “Alone
Screenplay: Click here to view the screenplay.
Status: In development

Johanna Unden [film+theatre student at UMD-Duluth MN]

Johanna Unden is available to play the role of Jordan, however other actors can of course be auditioned or cast for the role depending on the desires of the Director and Producer(s).

Jordan, 18-20s. High school or college student. Attractive, slim/athletic build. We feel for her vulnerability when she is home alone during a storm, and while an escaped killer is on the loose from the nearby state prison.
Emma. 18-20s. Jordan’s friend. The role of Emma is a voiceover so this can be handled using a Fiverr voiceover actress or a friend of the main character or someone local.

SYNOPSIS OF PROJECT: This is a supernatural thriller short film about a young woman who wakes and discovers the world is not as it seems, that she has been traumatized and can not understand why, but as she investigates a strange sound in the house her confusion unravels to become her greatest nightmare. One actor, one voice-over actor, a scary house. Almost any house or apartment would work for filming– just needs a bedroom, bathroom with a mirror, and a basement with a furnace.

Union / Non-Union Status: Non-Union
Production Type: Short Film
Target Audience and Rating: Supernatural horror fans, ~PG-13 rating.
Project Length: 4 pages of screenplay, one indoor location, one on screen actor (“Jordan”).
Project Format: Digital DSLR 4k @24fps shoot, edit+render to 2k (blu ray) @24fps
Production Location:  (TBA, could be shot at house in Duluth MN, or anywhere)
Studio / Producer / Production Companies: Randall Oelerich / (Randall Oelerich Films), ______________ (other), ________________ (other).
Company website: /, _______________ (Filmmaker), ________________ (other).
Director-Cinematographer-Producer: ________________________ (‘Producer+Filmmaker’))
Soundtrack Composer: Randall Oelerich (I plan to compose the soundtrack for this horror short film– examples of my film music composing can be found at


Notes: Should be a quick film shoot as there is just one actor, one indoor location (controlled weather, temperature, audio), so film it quick as possible and ‘get it in the can’ (or in this case on memory cards). Some green screening for the last scene/shot but otherwise relatively simple filming. Will require a VFX artist to superimpose video of cell phone texting and protagonist’s character disintegration, and will require a voice actress for voiceover of the protagonist’s friend.

Already obtained, size S.

This is the tentative type of clothing (pajamas) the main character JORDAN will be wearing for first part of the story (afterwards, jeans and a long sleeve gray Henley shirt):


50 storyboard frames are already completed.


Drama is life with the dull bits cut out. – Alfred Hitchcock

Flying raven a good horror film production graphic
Flying raven a good horror film production graphic
Flying crow is a good horror film production graphic