Film production and Film Scoring based in Duluth MN

Duluth Minnesota on the shores of Lake Superior


  • Short film production
  • Screenwriting (short film, feature specs + feature indies)
  • Composing / scoring film soundtrack music


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Duluth Minnesota is a great location for film production. There are unique locations in a city rated #1 for outdoor sports by Outdoor magazine. Duluth MN has lots of culture for film producers including lodging, restaurants, symphony and theatre, and the arts. There are several colleges and universities in the city offering interesting possibilities for casting, including a medical school and a research university. There are nature preserves, lakes, rivers, Lake Superior, hiking trails with steep gorges. And dense forests. And an international airport for easy transportation to and from the city for film production.

Based in Duluth Minnesota. BorealPictures.com functions as both a film production company and for film composing to score film soundtracks. Randall Oelerich is a filmmaker but prefers to work as a producer and a screenwriter and a film scoring composer behind the scenes. Equipment for film production in Duluth MN includes a 4k digital video camera, video tripod, wireless lavalier kit, carbon fiber boompole with shock mount and RODE NTG2 shot gun microphone, LED panel lighting with color control, digital field audio recorders, and field collapsible lighting reflectors. Also an intimate knowledge of filming locations in the Duluth Minnesota area from decades of experience living in the Duluth region.

Over a decade of experience writing ten spec feature screenplays and many short screenplays. And film production of several short films with several more film productions in development.

For film scoring, film composing, soundtrack scoring: thousands of dollars in high quality virtual libraries of orchestral instruments, synthesizers, and pianos; notation and digital audio workstation software, MIDI keyboards, 5-35,000 Hz range headphones, and studies in film scoring from Berklee College of Music. Thus many resources, and experience, for film production, filmmaking, and film scoring in the Duluth MN / Arrowhead MN region.